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About Us

Jim and Katrina Maughan ~ Owners

We are a retired military family, veteran homeschoolers, and book enthusiasts. 

After years of saying "wouldn't it be nice if...." and "I'd love to have a bookstore" the time, place, and opportunity presented itself and
Old Soul Used & Antique Books has became a dream come true.

I was raised in Enid and attended both Waller Jr. High (that name alone dates me!) and Enid High School. After swearing that I would never return to Enid or raise my children here (as many teens do)...that's exactly what happened!

Jim retired from the U.S. Army in 2008 after almost 22 years of service.
He worked for a while as a government contractor in the Pentagon and we attempted to create a life in the suburbs of Washington D.C.

We soon realized that we craved a quieter pace of life for raising children and returned to Enid in 2013 after Jim took a contract job that allowed him to work from home.

After trying out life as homesteaders from 2016-2020, on an 11 acre farm south of Stillwater, health issues arose and we knew that Enid was calling us home again.
We returned to town and reconnected with family, friends, and
our favorite homeschool group.
It wasn't long before the need for a used bookstore in Enid became obvious. We have always enjoyed bookstores for date nights, lazy Saturday afternoons, supplementing our homeschool curriculum, and just the general love of books....especially the smell!
So, here we are....filling a need, feeding our own love of books, and enjoying the incredible hometown feel of the heartland.

Come See Us Soon!

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